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Inventory Management

Being properly prepared is one of the biggest assets in business.

Keep tabs on your inventory online with Billient Account. Complete inventory management from monitoring stock levels to replenishing them.

An accounting solution that doubles as an inventory management software.

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Inventory in BIllient Account Online

Keep track of your inventory

Capture complete product details

Organise your inventory with vital information like ,product image, vendor details, cost, and stock on hand.

Do business with customised rates

Create a customised price list with markups or markdowns and offer it to your preferred vendors and customers.


Never run out of stock

Track your items from the moment you create them. Enabling inventory tracking helps you keep tabs on your stock levels at all times.

Record inventory changes in real time

Adjust your inventory instantly when stock gets damaged or lost. Make shelf counts easier by keeping inventory levels up to date.

Make Your Accounting Easy


Years Experience


Happy Clients


New Customers

Inventory management module of Billient Account gives the latest position of your stock. Know your fast-moving items. View product-wise stock, values, profits, & losses. Place your orders with open eyes.

Clear visibility helps you :

  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize fulfillment
  • Provide better customer service
  • Prevent loss from theft, spoilage, and returns

In a broader context, inventory management also provides insights into your financial standing, customer behaviors and preferences, product and business opportunities, future trends, and more. That's where we come in handy.

Keep track of every product you buy and sell.

From a product perspective, the importance of inventory management lies in understanding what stock you have on hand, where it is in your warehouse(s), and how it’s coming in and out.

  • Organize your products with images, categories, and prices
  • Automatically calculate the cost of each product sold using first in
  • Run reports of best-selling items, total sales, and total taxes

F A Q s


Billient account Inventory Management Software organises your products with images, categories and prices, view low stock reports and generates inventory reports.

Billient Account allows the user to create four different item types including inventory items, known - inventory items, services, and bundles.

You can get started with Billient Account by importing your lists of products, customers, vendors and more from Excel.